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Brian Laverty

Brian T. Laverty
1954 - 2009
Associate Director
Member Advisory Council
Member Investment Committee


Brian T. Laverty passed away unexpectedly
Friday evening, October 30, 2009. We at
Portfolio Resources will miss his sense of humor, friendship, and commitment to creating a better world.


We are leaving Brian's biography on our website so that all who visit may learn of his many accomplishments and personal commitment to the concept of Socially Responsible and Sustainable Investing.


In addition to his loving family, Brian leaves behind a strong legacy as a community and environmental activist, investment professional, and founder of The Laverty Group.


High Impact™ Investments

Brian T. Laverty is Associate Director of Portfolio Resources Advisor Group, a Miami based firm specializing in 21st Century socially screened investments. He has over 23 years of experience with his primary activity in sustainable investments portfolio management in collaboration with his partner Thomas Moser of High Impact ™ Investments.

Brian is a committed environmental activist and has been a featured guest on many TV and radio shows and has been seen on CBS’s Eye on America feature “What lengths will people go to protect their environment?” These strong values and commitments are also part of his investment advisory practice. Brian is also the first Green elected to public office in PA and is currently holding elected office in his community.

Brian believes, “Corporations are not people and do not have unalienable Rights.” He is proud to be on the Board of Directors of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund for over twelve years which has been empowering local communities and countries to protect their environment and maintain their quality of life.

Brian was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 15, 1954. He served in the U.S. Army (1974-1977) and worked for the U.S. Dept. of Justice for 7 years (1978-1985). He was married to his wife Joanne in 1975 and they have two children. His home and office are located in Troy, Pennsylvania. Prior to opening his own practice, Brian began his career as a Financial Consultant with Shearson Lehman Hutton when in 1994 he joined First Affirmative Financial Network.