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Antonio Camejo, Co-Chair, CEO, CCO - Ext. 405
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Nancy Baquero, CFO, FINOP, CISO - Ext. 404
Gustavo Cordero, VP Financial Opts. - Ext. 418
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Monica Vaca, Operations Manager - Ext. 409
Maria M. Fernandez, New Accounts - Ext. 416
Gloria Mangas, Account Services - Ext. 412
Nora Camejo, Managed Accounts - Ext. 417

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Cristina Sosa, Asst. Opts. Manager - Ext. 415
Ramon Abascal, Compliance Asst. - Ext. 414

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Jose M. Maraver, Director - Ext. 407
Carmen Elena Sosa, Ext. 422
Douglas Goldstein, CFP®
José Gonzalo Muci, Ext. 421
Miguel Octavio
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Foster Financial Services
Stephen Foster, CFP®, ChFC®, LUTCF®
Uniwealth Advisors
Stefano Fanfani
Grupo SAM
Policarpo Rodriguez

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Joyce K. Moore, ChFC®, LUTCF®
Thomas L. Moser
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Jerusalem, Israel
Lighthouse Capital Ltd.
Aaron Katsman
Tali Golan
Rachel Weiss

Profile Investment Services, Ltd.
Douglas Goldstein, CFP®
Sandy Ohana
Yoram Ohana
BatSheva Goldstein

Madrid, Spain
PRG, Inc.
Cristina Sosa, Operations – Ext. 415
Ramon Abascal, Operations – Ext. 414
Caracas, Venezuela
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Diana Arreaza
Allen Brewer
Jose Gonzalo Muci
Miguel Octavio
Eduardo Valera
Carolina White

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Antonio D’Alvano
Leonardo Gonzalez
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Andres Octavio
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PRAG Managed Risk Strategies™

How Much Risk Are You Really Taking?
Many investors believe they are reducing risk by simply diversifying across asset classes both domestically and internationally. Trouble is, most traditional stock and bond classes are becoming more positively correlated. Moreover, the traditional equity asset classes have been nearing perfect positive correlation during major market corrections. Traditional asset allocation, for example, did not protect investors from tremendous losses during the 2008 Financial Crisis, and then for the volatility caused by the Corona Virus. The distinction between aggressive, moderate and conservative risk profiles did not meet the needs of investors because portfolios were not truly diversified with non-correlated assets. With markets that are increasingly volatile, and asset classes that are more correlated than ever, the investment toolkit needs to be rethought.

Enter Milliman Managed Risk Investing, a protection strategy designed to help a portfolio weather difficult and volatile markets. Managed risk investing seeks to reduce risk when risk increases. It's that simple; and that powerful. The animated video below explains in simple terms how the strategy works.

Beyond Asset Allocation
The PRAG Managed Risk Strategies™, in collaboration with Milliman, use mathematical (rules-based) allocation methods to forecast and monitor market volatility, moving between a "risky asset," like stocks, to a "riskless asset" such as cash or cash equivalents. The Milliman approach provides an intelligent portfolio risk management strategy that seeks to:

   • stabilize portfolio volatility around a target level,

   • capture growth in up markets, and

   • defend against losses during sustained market declines.*

Managed risk investing has grown exponentially since its inception following the global financial crisis. Today, managed risk investments totaling more than $300 billion in assets, work collectively to bring fundamental risk management tools to institutions and invdividuals. Large insurance companies that write variable annuities with investment guarantees, asset managers, and large institutional investors rely on managed risk strategies to navigate marktet risk and stabilize volatility.

The internationally focused PRAG Managed Risk Global ETF Strategy™, and the PRAG Managed Risk ESG Strategy™, a portfolio of socially responsible and impact investing mutual funds, both in partnership with Milliman, bring institutional quality risk management to the individual investor.

Milliman: Global Risk Management
Milliman FRM headquartered in the U.S., is a subsidiary of Milliman, Inc. which has some 6 million clients, over 2,300 employees, and 51 offices worldwide. Trading desks in Sydney, London, and Chicago monitor portfolio activities as markets move around the globe.

Find out if one of these strategies is right for you by talking with one of our associates. (see the Domestic and International Associate directories on the left side of this page).

Investing in the PRAG Managed Risk Strategies™ involve risks including the possible loss of principal. The strategies are not intended to be a complete investment program and many factors can affect the performance over time. Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives, along with the risks, charges and expenses of the program. While the strategies are designed to reduce volatility in the portfolio, performance may vary based on when an investor enters the program. There can be no assurance that the goals intended for this program will be attained. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. The strategies use cash or cash equivalents adjusted dynamically to enhance capital preservation. Talk to one of our advisors for additional information. Participation in this program requires an Investment Management Agreement and an investor risk profile. Available to clients of advisors on the Envestnet management platform.

Financila Planning

Beyond Asset Allocation

    managed risk

Through the PRAG Managed Risk ESG Strategy™ socially and environmentally responsible investors now have access to institutional quality risk management that goes beyond asset allocation and actively manages accounts for changing market conditions.

The PRAG Managed Risk Global ETF Strategy™ combines a globally focused ETF portfolio with the ability to monitor portfolio risk and likewise react to specific changes in the market to effectively target a predetermined portfolio volatility level, accurately maintain it over time, and keep it from increasing significantly during periods of market turbulence.*

Let's Talk
Find out if one of these strategies is the right approach for you by talking with one of our associates. (See the Domestic and International Associate directories on the left side of this page)

High Impact Investments
PRAG Managed Risk Global Strategy™

High Impact Investments

PRAG Managed Risk ESG Strategy™

High Impact Investments
Milliman Managed Risk Strategy

High Impact Investments
The Sequence-of-Returns Effect